Coinbase is considering adding 37 new assets in its Custody service Coinbase in the list of found and XRP. In a statement on the company website stresses that scriptactive can only be added for storage, currently Coinbase does not consider these assets to trade.

Among the new scriptaction that can be added to Coinbase Custody – XRP, EOS, VeChain (VEN), Monero (XMR), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Telegram and others.

Coinbase notes that the addition of assets in the custodial service does not indicate that they will be implemented on other platforms Coinbase. For reference: Depository or custodial service is a service that safekeeping of securities and other financial assets of its customers, and the management of these assets. It is also known that the assets under consideration for trade must be assessed Digital Asset Framework, the system of criteria developed by the exchange GDAX.

The company says that the company is not able to pinpoint the time frame in which these assets will be available on Coinbase Custody whether all of them will be available. But Coinbase customers will be able to see the public API and other indicators that will follow, at what stage in the process of adding support for the new digital asset is the company.

Note, the Custody service Coinbase launched on 2 July 2018. New service exchange is designed primarily to solve the problem of security, the most relevant for traders and investors, which involves the use of a number of measures, among which, as stated in the description, “an Autonomous, multi-segmented and geographically distributed transaction protection”, “reliable auditing and reporting on cold storage.” The company also plans to launch a “shared hot wallets”. The service is provided by an independent broker-dealer FINRA independent broker dealer FINRA, electronic calculation transactions (ETC).

We will remind, conversations on XRP listing on the stock exchange Coinbase in the beginning of the year gave a powerful impetus to the currency, and the event could give even more, but the company denied rumors of the Appendix. At the time of writing, according to the portal price per coin XRP remains at $ 0,42, the rate decreased by 2% per day.

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