Spanish Bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), which recently announced the successful testing of the technology Ripple to facilitate transactions between Europe and Latin America, is testing in its cafeteria system, which is able to recognize users and their orders and charge their cards. This strategy will allow you to make payments and check “invisible”. It is reported that more than 1,000 Bank staff have already downloaded the app with a ordering for use in Ciudad BBVA. Testing began with a biometric system of face recognition technology based Veridas, created by the Spanish Bank and the Das-Nano in 2017.

The app allows users to order, not waiting for the queue and pay without wallets. App developed in collaboration with Sodexo Iberia, partner of the restaurant group, and additionally allows users to split the bill with other visitors, and get points for loyalty programs and discounts.

– With this project we eliminate friction points for customers when they make a purchase in the store – says the head of the global Bank BBVA Ignacio Banon. – Group works to make invisible payments are possible through pilot projects with major companies in different sectors.

According to Banana, 10% of orders made on Expresso, one of the most visited cafes of Ciudad BBVA, are now conducted through the app.

The next stage of development will include machine learning and biometric technology to bring the app invisible payment in self-service restaurants, where the users themselves take the products and put them on the table on trays. System that is already running in pilot mode, recognizes a user’s face and his tray through the camera, equipped with artificial intelligence, and sends the account card associated with the profile.

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