Traders had feared a ban on the cryptocurrency one of the largest markets of digital assets, but, unlike Thailand, South Korea is going to ban the cryptocurrency. The authorities have stated that their goal is to make the stock market a regulated and transparent. It will alienate the mechanism of digital currencies.

That politicians will try to make scriptacolous transparent and not deny it at all, said the Minister of the office for government policy coordination Hong-Namki in the video, posted on the website of the President. The video became the first coordinated response of the authorities to the public outcry caused by the proposal of the Ministry of justice about the closure of the stock exchanges, allowing cryptocurrency transactions made in December 2017.

Hong said the official position of the authorities after more than two hundred thousand Korean residents signed a petition on the website of the Blue House of the President of the moon J., condemning the proposal of the Ministry of justice. Such a mechanism is already practiced in the US, where the White house releases a response to the petition, which gathered a certain number of signatures.

Hong explained that the authorities will continue to monitor the global debate around cryptocurrencies. The ban on cryptotrading in the country is still not ruled out, although the government is not focused on this idea. Korea is already trying to stop the trade in virtual currency by foreigners and minors, the authorities are studying the tax system for crypto-currencies and is trying to increase the security of your data and digital assets, said Hong, Recalling the recent hacking of the Japanese stock exchange.

We will add, on the eve of the government of Thailand announced a ban on cryptocurrencies in the Kingdom. The most stringent measure of market regulatory authorities attribute the concern that the digital currency can be used to support terrorism and money laundering.

Analysts believe that the measures of market regulation (except, perhaps, ban) can only have short-term negative consequences, but in the long term will have a positive impact. At the time of writing five out of five leading cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarketCap are in the green zone. Course Ripple 15 Feb ranges from 1.11 to 1.17 $.

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