Head of transaction services at a big Swedish Bank SEB Paula da Silva has hinted at a possible future use by the Bank and XRP xRapid. Information about da Silva shared during an interview in which she spoke about technology RippleNet.

The main goal is to use products and services Ripple for the settlement of transactions between Sweden and the United States. Ripple provides services to banks and other financial institutions around the world. Thanks to technology it will be possible to reduce the cost of transactions and their duration.

It is very important for the company Ripple that expands worldwide and works with more than 100 different companies and financial institutions. According to da Silva, the platform will be used for money transfers between Stockholm and new York. It will help clients to process transactions in real time between your accounts in Sweden and the United States.

The Bank explores new technologies, and Ripple can help to make their products more relevant to customers. Da Silva explains that all of their customers, who used the platform were very happy with the results.

–Last year, the company’s product used just one customer, now all SEB customers conduct their cross-border transfers between Sweden and USA on the platform RippleNet. Using the Ripple platform, our customers send over a billion dollars . So we are trying to understand how this Ripple is doing and what we need to do to make our customer’s experience was even better – said in an interview with Da Silva.

At the same time, she explained that the Bank is now working on its next step. Da Silva may refer to the product xRapid, who recently was released the Ripple which allows users to easily carry out transactions using tokens XRP.

XRP is one of the largest virtual currency on the market. According to CoinMarketCap at the time of writing, the XRP has a market capitalization of $ 20 billion dollars, and its rate is 0.512 dollar for a token.

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