Ripple has announced Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) as a new partner XRP. The coin will be available on various platforms of the company at the end of this year. SCI provides payments processing, international money transfers, investments, and mobile payments. In addition, Ripple has added a virtual currency SBI online guide to buying XRP.

According to experts, the mobile app created by SCI using XCurrent from Ripple, it would be as fast and efficient as the currently running app Santander.

Note, the SCI already has a similar app – Rebit – working in the Bitcoin network. It allows you to transfer funds worldwide, as well as to pay monthly bills and cell phones with prepaid talktime. However, in may 2017, SCI announced that it is working on the integration of XRP to a few of their services:, and Buy and sell XRP will be paired with Philippine peso.

Additionally, the present coin is XRP still stable at 0.53 per U.S. dollar, while in recent days the exchange rate has strengthened by almost 2%. Next week, investors hope for recovery scriptactive. According to analysts, the liquidity of XRP will continue to grow with the listing of SBI.

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