Business school Haas, University of California at Berkeley announced the beginning of the research program of bocana. This occurred after the Institute received a grant from the Research initiatives Blockchain Research Initiative, founded and financed Ripple specifically to boost innovation in digital payments, cryptocurrencies, technological development and academic research of the blockchain.

The institution received the multi-year grant in the amount of several million dollars from Ripple and, therefore, urges those who have suitable qualification and innovation within the institution.

According to the letter, published by the Institute of Business and Social Impact and which should work with the Masters program of Financial Engineering in Berkeley, the grant will Fund faculty and student research and other related activities on the UC Berkeley campus.

In this regard, the Institute intends to award grants for academic research and support activities in areas such as blockchain and distributed systems, crypto-currencies and digital payments, as well as the use of cryptocurrency in many different fields.

In addition, will be also studied related subjects, such as the use of the blockchain for economic development and global financial activities.

In addition, the statement noted that the grant money, faculty can apply to support their research and learning, curriculum development, case studies of interagency cooperation.

The institution is ready to Fund research by graduate students in the amount of $ 5,000, as research faculty in the amount of $ 15,000. However, research projects that are more important for the faculty will be able to obtain financing in the amount of up to $ 25,000.

At the same time, research should focus on the token XRP from Ripple or related fields.

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