CEO of SBI Group Yoshitaka, Kitao announced negotiations with the R3 Consortium to create a common project. Most likely the project will use the token from Ripple XRP. This was announced during a recent gathering of the Board of Directors of SBI, which was dedicated to the financial report of the Corporation.

According to local analysts, project details at the meeting were not affected. It can be assumed that this will be a platform that will use the token XRP. To some extent this is confirmed by the words of Kito, who said that with the help of a consortium of XRP will be able to reach a new level.

The creation of such a project could come under the plans Ripple. Previously CEO brad Garlinghouse announced the company’s plans to start partnerships with many major banks.

Company is gaining momentum thanks largely to networking. The more users, the greater the incentive for cooperation. So we see our growth accelerating, said Arlinghaus.

SBI Group most likely chose the R3 because of their close ties with the consortium. In 2017, during the investment rounds R3, SBI has become one of its main investors. In addition, a subsidiary Bank of SBI Group, SBI Bank is one of the members of the consortium.

SBI Group and Ripple have been able to significantly increase the turnover of XRP in Japan thanks to its simple users. In October, a joint company SBI Ripple Asia has launched an app for payment MoneyTap. And according to some reports, 61 Japanese Bank plans to use MoneyTap that in this case, ensure the application eighty percent of the total coverage of the Japanese market.

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