Development company enterprise software SAP has launched a chat on Twitter on the topic of how the blockchain can be useful for corporate users.

In the chat the developers presented the main points about how the blockchain technology can improve business processes, increase efficiency in various industries and optimize the effectiveness of the transaction.

However, all discussion of the positive qualities of the blockchain, was interrupted by the news that SAP is testing the integration of digital token XRP.

This news was shared by Sarah Austin, a consultant for product marketing at SAP. Austin is an entrepreneur and content Creator. In addition, it made the list of the 30 most successful people in the industry from Forbes. Since 2012 she works in Silicon valley at SAP.

In his tweet Austin said that SAP has tested the integration of XRP. Question Austin came from XRP Research Center and was about how cryptocurrencies can benefit the current enterprise applications. Although Austin did not answer directly to a question, she acknowledged that SAP is working on the integration of XRP.

Ripple has worked with Santander Bank and other major institutions to integrate XRP, bringing blockchain technology to the world of financial transactions. This is due to the fact that XRP can make them more cheap, quick and easy transfers of money all over the world.

If SAP really will take XRP, this will allow SAP customers, including 330,000 corporations in 180 countries around the world to access cheaper and more efficient payment network, as now you do not have to rely on expensive centralized financial institutions.

It should be noted that Ripple has worked with SAP. Rumours about it appeared in July 2016, when it was reported that SAP and Ripple collaborated when using the technology of the blockchain for cross-border payments.

It should be noted that ATB Financial canadian and German ReiseBank studied how banks can improve the efficiency of international payments using the technology of the blockchain. Both of these banks worked with SAP and with Ripple, while exploring the use of blockchain.

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