Western Union, one of the largest partners of Ripple, announced that the firm has yet to see substantial savings from your pilot Ripple (XRP). However, analysts urge investors not to worry. The Ripple network continues to grow: the Santander group has announced that in Brazil to be paid on the basis of the Ripple. This is an indication that the Bank not only believes in this cryptocurrency, but also know that it works in accordance with the tests in Europe.

We will remind, Western Union checked the Ripple (XRP) only 10 transactions that are too small to have any significant impact on economic efficiency. For a company that makes monthly millions of transactions, they may not feel any impact from such a small number of transactions, said Ashish Birla, Vice President, Ripple product. Even the Director General of Western Union shares this opinion, stating that Western Union will continue the pilot.

Analysts believe that with the network expansion and increased investment Ripple (XRP) may be in an unprecedented bull market, because in the long term scriptactive have a real potential to dominate the market, disturbing the position of the leader even bitcoin. Once that happens, Ripple (XRP) can hit the three-digit price for one coin. According to experts, in any case, Ripple is a cryptocurrency that you should pay attention to projections for 5-10 years. It is not excluded that banks will end the SWIFT system and will take will take technology Ripple.

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