A leading Spanish commercial Bank and an important partner Ripple Bank Santander recently announced a partnership with SWIFT. According to the official statement, the largest Bank will use the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation in four countries: Spain, UK, Poland and Argentina. This technology will be used for the implementation of cross-border payments in these countries.

Meanwhile, in an official statement released by the company said that with the help of SWIFT gpi Santander is now able to offer services cross-border fast payment — payment tracking in real-time and transparency in Bank fees and exchange rates. And among the future countries, there are large markets such as Chile and Mexico. The company plans to achieve this by the end of 2018.

– Moreover, by the end of this year 80% of cross-border transactions, Santander will be using the SWIFT GPI. And the company plans to spread to other countries in 2019, is further declared in an official statement.

On the recent development, Eva Bueno Velos, head of global transaction services in the Spanish Santander Department, also issued an official comment.

For us, SWIFT gpi is a good opportunity to improve the experience of our customers in their international payments. And so we want to make the payment process faster and more transparent. This will make our internal processes more efficient. Finally, we look forward to advance to the next stages to achieve the best possible service in our payment proposals, – said Velas.

While Santander uses the Ripple payment solution for their cross-border payments. In addition, two major companies launched приложениеOnePayFX using the solution from Ripple.

But also recently head of innovation Santander ed Metzger shared a legal opinion on the partnership with Ripple.

– We believe that financial services are moving into the world of open platforms. Here companies work together to provide great customer service, actually, this is the basis of our joint application OnePay FX – said Mercer.

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