Head of partnerships in Ripple in the Asia-Tikhookeanskoi the region and the middle East Sagar Sarbhai discussed some important aspects of the company and its key events.

Speaking about the recent trials in the United States, Surbhi noted that to his knowledge, the securities Commission ultimately will make the decision for him. In addition, he explained that Ripple has taken important and meaningful steps to cooperate with the Commission to tell them about the successful cases of the use of XRP.

Responding to accusations of whether the investment token XRP, Surbhi said that he actually is not.

For starters, when a person is investing in XRP, it does not receive shares in the company or dividends from Ripple. Second, Ripple and XRP are two different things, and the XRP Ledger will remain, even despite this separation, because the XRP Ledger is open source. So anyone can use it – said Surbhi.

Further Surbhi told about the latest achievements of the company in Thailand where he mentioned that the securities Commission of the country has developed a legislative framework 7 digital assets. Among them is XRP, which according to Serbia is a very important achievement for the cryptocurrency.

In addition, Surbhi said, some countries, including Australia and the Philippines, classified XRP Ripple together with other digital currencies as commodities.

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