The events unfolding on the cryptocurrency market of Russia, and all over the world, did not leave indifferent almost anybody. After sharp jump of the cryptocurrency market, took place in December 2017, when investors increased their capital significantly, those wishing to understand this question only became more. Together with investors, the market surged scammers. Increasingly began to be referred to the technology of “pump and dump”.

What is a PAMP? For explanations, we decided to go to the main Center dimension Blockchain Technologies, Rustam Burkeev.

Good afternoon, Rustam! Let us ask You a few questions, give us a little of your time?

Rustam: Hello! Yes, of course, can ask.

Now it is very common to hear about the pump. Tell me, what is the pampas, and how they affect the market?

Rustam: a Pump called artificial dispersal rates. A certain group of people doing pre-purchase coins on the exchange. This can happen for hours and weeks. There are short and long pampas.

Short usually catch newcomers to the market. The group runs the telegram. And the administrator at a specific time calls the name of the coin with a small capitalization, all rush to buy. And in the end, the organizers of the Pampa in the black, remaining in negative territory. The price rises sharply and drops sharply.

The long pump adapts to all news. Organizers prepare in advance for any news on the roadmap, and a couple of days massively distribute it to other chat rooms. In this case, the price may rise for several weeks. And at the peak of the organizers poured the entire volume, and the price of a coin plummets downwards.

In practice, we even met with the pump is very heavy coins. For example, the developer of the Bitcoin Cash in the last year before seguito Bitcoin, when the community did not know what to do, just on all channels shouting that the main coin will not survive, there will be only Bitcoin Cache. Thus artificially pushing the price of the coins, and as we can see on the chart today, the price is coming down.

Thanks For Your Feedback. What is the pampas, we are now relatively clear. And then there are ways with which you can artificially affect the cryptocurrency market and what impact will that have?

Rustam: Yes, there is. Manipulation of the news. As last year, with China, for example. If the price of bitcoin 4,500$ media began to circulate information that in China will be closed cryptocurrency exchanges. And dispersed their significance, adding paint. There were even some photos from “unknown sources”. But after a week once the bitcoin dropped to$ 3000, those same media wrote that the exchange will not close, and will remove only trade with a couple of yuan.

Either the price can influence the leader of opinion in the market who have a lot of subscribers. Charlie Lee McAfee.

Rustam, another question: in spite of all said, you can often see ads which promise to safely increase your investment contributions by 3-5 times in just a few days, is it possible?

Rustam: If only with great risk, with leverage. You can increase for a few days and 10 times, but also to lose everything at once.

The market is volatile, so it’s best to work on the medium-and long-term strategy. We at CBT carefully chosen fundamental projects with a strong team and a great road map looking for the entry points of the technical analysis purchase and wait for a month of profit from 30-50%. This strategy is safer, though you have to wait. Also buy long-term projects and sell only with strong growth.

That is, it is safest to invest with the support of the analytical team, not create money on the stock exchange and to trade?

Rustam: In principle, Yes. Independently all the work you have to do yourself, you can accidentally buy a immature asset and wait for the testing year. Working as a team, have the opportunity to evaluate all aspects of the project, the market and make an informed decision. I fundamentally see a project through, but the question when is the best time to buy, I need an answer of technical analysts. Either analysts bring fresh information on the project, and together make a decision.

Yes, actually so much information on the market, very much, the market itself is open 24/7. If you do everything yourself, then the rest will not be any.

Rustam, thank you very much for the information!

Rustam: Contact. You can endlessly tell you about this market, it is interesting). Is a continuous UPS and downs, pampas, have benches, and other traps, which are very skillfully put scammers a Good way calm investment is a cryptocurrency Funds, with strong analytical company and experienced traders. Working with them, you can sleep peacefully and know that no matter what happened in the market, although experts and do not promise to multiply Your deposits in a couple of days several times, but you won’t lose them.

Perhaps it is in conclusion the most relevant famous quote Robert Kiyosaki: “Take care of your money, and they, in turn, will take care of you.”

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