Ripple, Fetch.AI, NEM, Emurgo Cardano together and create an Association of European organizations blockchain to Europe. As stated in a newly formed organization, talk to regulatory authorities in Europe with regards to the block chain is very fragmented, therefore the aim of education of the EU countries about the potential of the blockchain.

In November, the Association held a meeting, which brought together stakeholders from around the world on management, Commerce, identification and transport.

The head of the Department for the regulation of relations Ripple in Europe Dan Morgan said now now is the time of the regulatory authorities of Europe, since they are now trying to develop the right regulatory framework that will retain the benefits of the digital assets and technology of the blockchain.

Co-founder and President of the Foundation NEM Christophe van de rekk commented on this question.

– Bodies do not have sufficient information when it comes to talking about the open and decentralized technology. By combining efforts with various companies, whose business is based around blockchain technology, we aim to provide information which do not take into account the current regulators, said de Recco.

CTO and co-founder of Fetch.AI Toby Simpson also made a comment.

– Popularization of technologies such as machine learning, AI, and decentralized registers, allows the world to work more efficiently, said Simpson

Blockchain companies look to the future and are going to participate in conversations with politicians, relevant industry players and academia.

It is also worth noting that Santander and BBVA are the European members of the International Association of safe applications of the blockchain, whose launch is planned for 2019.

BBVA stated that the purpose of this public initiative is to get support from private experts in the field of blockchain and DLT, which will help to contribute to the development of the EU strategy in relation to these technologies.

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