The company Ripple plans to invest in startups and technology companies to develop applications for XRP. Currently XRP is the third largest digital token after bitcoin and Ethereum at the total market capitalization.

The value of XRP has risen in December and January after the cryptographic rally, in which bitcoin has reached a value of almost $ 20,000 per coin. Capitalization XRP exceeded 128 billion at its peak before the market crash in January. Today, the token has a total market capitalization of about $ 30 billion. But Ripple has come under fire due to alleged lack of use for XRP, which was served as a tool for banks but is used for cross-border payment services.

Speaking at the conference Money20/20 Asia in Singapore, CEO of Ripple brad Garlinghouse said that the company is focused on allowing banks to use their solution, but may offer alternative uses XRP.

We will focus on the institutional use, but, of course, will cooperate with companies which want to use XRP in many different ways, ‘ said Garlinghouse, who headed the list of Forbes in January.

Arlinghaus said that part of that plan is the Omni startup based in San Francisco that provides services for the storage and hire of goods. In January, the Ripple is invested in Omni $ 25 million, and the startup intends to introduce XRP in their work.

Note that Ripple is not the only company who chose such a path. Last month, a team of prominent blockchain companies have teamed up to open the grant Fund in the amount of $ 100 million, which could also be expanded to cover investment investment.

Arlinghaus also noted that concerns about the volatility of XRP for payment of services is a “fake news”. Once your payment is complete, occupying only a few seconds, a bumpy highs and lows of cryptography will not affect the sale directly. The question remains, why banks don’t accept XRP. Arlinghaus believes that it will take time, but changes will come.

An important question that faces the Ripple now – will the company find the right partners to enhance the reputation and raise the value of XRP.

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