During the Money 20/20 brad Garlinghouse stressed that now the company draws special attention to the liquidity of XRP, which grows with the number of banks using xRapid to settle international payments. The increase in liquidity is what XRP is seeking, in cooperation with numerous exchanges and wallets. Among the most recent partnerships – ZebPay and Revolut. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the token XRP has received a lot of support to be included in still not running DX.Exchange.

XRP managed to achieve this in the course of a survey conducted by the exchange in facebook. DX.The Exchange announced the results of a survey concerning the listing XRP on its platform through twitter. The announcement was accompanied by a video with a short story about Ripple and its achievements in providing near-instant solutions for the calculation of payments around the world.

Note that DX.Exchange is based on the technology compliance with Nasdaq and is currently undertaking pre-registration on its web site. When it is launched, the exchange will allow individuals and agencies to purchase digital assets using fiat, to conduct operations with cryptocurrencies, and purevoice them back to fiat currency. The exchange is licensed by the Ministry of economic Affairs and communications of Estonia.

As for XRP’s market performance, the coin is currently being evaluated in 0,663 US dollar, the rate decreased by 2% in 24 hours at the time of writing. Analysts say the stock market about the stability of Bitcoin at the level of 7600 dollars in the near future. The total market capitalization of the stock market rests at a level higher than 330 billion in the first half of this week. Experts agree that this value will not decline, but rather will continue to grow in the month of June.

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