The head of the Department for strategic management in Ripple Marcus Tracer appeared on the Blockchain Live event in London, where he spoke about the Protocol InterLedger and how Ripple is going to use a Protocol for cross-border payments.

He said that since the founding of the company Ripple has focused on solving the existing problems in cross-border payments and create the experience substantially better than currently.

He further stated that during operation they are faced with a problem when they realized that they could not integrate the whole world in the blockchain. Tracer said that since then, the Ripple team is focused on how to link the world and unite all blackany. As a solution the company introduced a Protocol InterLedger.

– We are very happy that we started to use Interledger. The idea is that you take the concept of the Internet for information and if you would recreate it using the cryptocurrency in conjunction with the technology of the blockchain, – said Marcus.

He said that the above method is how Ripple connects their banking partners and partners of payment companies around the world.

Speaking further about the same, he said that the Protocol works, because no one today can’t fully integrate the blockchain, because the past was imperfect. Because of this, the Internet is now many Islands of information and data. And the Ripple Protocol Interledger wants to unite them all.

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