Inside the crypto community there is a deep divide in opinions about whether increased attention from the regulatory authorities an important step for the maturation of the industry, or an unnecessary obstacle to innovation. The company Ripple was always inclined to the first view. During a recent interview with Fox Business, Cory Johnson, chief market strategist at Ripple, again confirmed this, stating that the company is closely watching the field start to regulate more and more, and supports these steps.

– Regulation behavior of one person is protecting the other. I think it is very important that investors are protected. We’ve seen what happens, no protection: they lose a huge amount of money, and it occurred in our industry. We are therefore pleased that the regulators have stepped in, said Johnson.

Because the company has offices around the world, Ripple cooperates with regulatory bodies in different countries who have a different approach to this emerging technology.

Speaking of the United States, Johnson said that the United States is pretty far behind from other countries when talking about participation in this field and provide a clear regulatory framework for companies that want to work in it.

– Many countries develop in this area faster than the United States. They are clearly trying to limit where they can operate a company like ours, – said Johnson. And he in this opinion is not alone. In fact, the regulators themselves made similar comments in recent days.

We will add, earlier this week the Chairman of the Commission on trade in commodity futures John Christopher Giancarlo, during a hearing in the Subcommittee of the Congress, stated that he believes that the US is behind by four years from other countries in regulating technology bocana and its derivatives, among which there are both cryptocurrencies.

At the time of writing, the exchange rate of XRP were 0.44 dollar per token, and the speaker for the day was -1,07%.

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