As one of the most Mature companies in the field of blockchain technology in the market, Ripple is an amazing way for partnerships with the academic community. That is why Ripple today announced the creation of a research initiative Blockchain University Research Initiative (UBRI), which involves cooperation with leading universities to support and accelerate academic research, technological development and innovation of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

Ripple has allocated more than $ 50 million in funding, items expertise and technical resources for the first wave of University partners UBRI — 17 prestigious institutions around the world. These educational institutions will define their own research topics and priorities, and to cooperate with Ripple to:

— Cooperation in research and technological development that will stimulate innovations in the blockchain.

— Create new training programs to meet the high level needs of the students in this area

To stimulate ideas and dialogue among students, teachers, technologists and business leaders on topics of common interest.

First UBRI partners provide a broad list of academic disciplines.

For example, as the talk on regulation continue to develop in the public sector, Centre of policy in the field of information technology at Princeton University will join UBRI, creating the direction that studies the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the United States and around the world.

At the University of Pennsylvania, the initiative will annually support the best candidates in business administration recently established program of dual training. This funding aims to give priority to students working on the technology of the blockchain or cryptocurrency.

In the framework of UBRI also involved mit, which entered into cooperation with nearly a dozen companies in the financial services industry, to work on topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, cyber security and global payments.

In Europe, Delft University of technology in the Netherlands and Luxembourg University will build a new research programme to research the blockchain in their Department of computer science and engineering with UBRI.

Universities should definitely offer the independence and rigor, which are not in private schools. They are also responsible for training the workforce of the future, helping to meet the demand for technological solutions to solve the most complex financial problems in the world.

Now is the time to support studies and research in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments to universities around the world.

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