The first quarter of this year was tense for the stock market, mainly because of strong price fluctuations of Bitcoin in January. Being the most popular and influential cryptocurrency up to the present time, Bitcoin is heavily manipulated price and market capitalization, a significant number Aldanov. Ripple, according to experts, is one of those currencies that are able to demonstrate stability among market chaos. April 25 team Ripple has published a report for the first quarter of 2018. According to the new roadmap, the second quarter will be no less intense for the company.


MercuryFX is considered one of the world’s most reliable foreign exchange specialists on the market. Recently, in the second quarter of the fiscal year MercuryFX praised Ripple, referring to “first-class” product for liquidity and transactions for traders. According to company representatives, this will inevitably affect many capturadora and force them to choose this currency.

New partnerships

At the moment the Ripple team has announced partnership plans with five major companies: FairFx, RationalFX, UniPay, 4Free and MoneyMatch. According to experts, once these partnerships will be concluded, the product xVia from the Ripple, which is already very popular among financial institutions to provide a snapshot of transactions is likely to become even more efficient and fast.

Blockchain Week in new York

Ripple Blockchain organizes a week in new York. Blockchain Week New York City will be held may 11-17. Being the host of this meeting, Ripple is likely to attract the attention of many investors, global organizations and kryptomere. It will bring together developers, investors and traders, however, this meeting is a private event: 10 tickets were offered to the owners of Twitter accounts to encourage their active participation.

Note, at the moment, Ripple takes the third place on Coinmarketcap, with a market capitalization of 33.4 billion U.S. dollars and the price of 0.85 US dollar per coin XRP (as of may 3, 2018). Analysts of stock market consider that the announcement of recent partnerships and events are able to form stable positive dynamics of the course.

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