Ripple chief cryptographer David Schwartz, said that in terms of the rivalry between USC and XRP, the Ripple need to be closely watched by competitors. This review appeared on the website Reddit.

We carefully optimized XRP to use. Regardless of how USC is different from XRP, we should eventually understand this, I would argue that it is inferior, says Schwartz. – Assuming that USC is identical to the XRP, we are moving forward. And if you think that XRP is the obstacles, because it is perceived as a Bank coin, imagine how hard it would be a real coin to get that kind of traction.

The expert notes that while no details about what USC really does or how it works yet, so to talk about the uniqueness of the programs difficult. Additionally, the cryptocurrency Utility Settlement Coin, “double dollar”, was designed by Swiss Bank UBS and IT company Clearmatics Technologies in 2015. It is pegged to the dollar and the developer’s plan will always be exchanged at the exchange rate 1 to 1 relative to this currency, which provides stability but flexibility.

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