The cryptocurrency market in recent ranges and the largest of them are really trying to keep up with the flow. It seems there are many investors who hope in the second half of 2018 the situation will change for the better.

Watching the bigger picture, it would be interesting to focus on the fate of the Ripple and how the future could be for XRP and future technologies.

It seems that something big will come to Ripple, and investors are waiting for big surprises. There was a lot of noise associated with the status of XRP, as well as the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The main goal of Ripple is to change the world, and this should be the main goal of every person in respect of cryptography.

Consider, for example Amazon. The platform was created to make trading much faster and easier.

There are many similarities between Amazon and Ripple if to think about it. Amazon wanted to provide the best shopping experience that was faster and more efficient compared to other similar platforms. The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos said that his main goal is to make the customer experience of communication with this platform better and faster. Another important goal is to make the shipping option, because that’s what the customers asked for. In the end, he achieved that and made Amazon one of the most famous platforms in the world today.

Ripple does as well. Transfer of funds from one place to another is not instantaneous, and that’s what the Ripple team is committed to change. They are working to improve the efficiency and speed and safety of transactions.

Ripple is also trying to solve real problems, and they plan to provide a solution through xRapid that uses the token XRP for faster transfers.

Ripple is not a token. The company has a fantastic team with ambitious goal to change the financial world and areas outside of the borders.

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