Ripple has partnered with leading universities around the world. It happened during the event, “the Future of financial technologies” organized by Institute of private enterprise them. Frank Hawkins 24 January 2019, to discuss crypto currencies, blockchain technology, evolving financial ecosystem, and developing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

During the conference the representatives of the Ripple spoke about the partnership with the University of North Carolina at chapel hill, who decided to join the initiative of the company “Blockchain University Research Initiative”.

According to sources and official press releases Ripple, the initiative aims to encourage studies on the blockchain in the leading universities of the world. As stated on the website of the Ripple, participation in the initiative will help schools to implement research on key aspects of kryptonyte.

We are proud to support universities in the research, development of new educational programs and technical projects. Each participating University develops its own themes and activities. In addition to financial resources, Ripple provides students and teachers with strategic guidance, technical resources and financing if necessary, it is stated in the official announcement of the initiative.

Among the institutions that joined the initiative Ripple, is like the University of Getulio Vargas, business School Haas, University of Waterloo, University of Oregon, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, and many others.

Moreover, any institution, school, Department or project that would like to cooperate with Ripple on this programme can provide the information for partnerships. The last partner Ripple on the initiative is the China University of technology Tsinghua (THUIFR), which will deal with the development of blockchain and global regulatory policy.

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