Ambitious plans Ripple on its products xRapid and xCurrent start quickly implemented. In a new interview with the representative of the Ripple talks about the growth of the two most important payment solutions company.

The head of strategic management Ripple Marcus Tracer gave an interview to The Asian Banker, and both products are developing very rapidly.

These products are also widespread, especially in recent years in some regions.

We develop our products in the middle East and in India, as you mentioned during the introduction, in Southeast Asia, and Latin America. We also see a large increase in Northern Europe. Therefore, the scope of use is expanding by leaps and bounds, said Tracer.

He also added that the company has created xCurrent for the payment side. Now xCurrent is the core of the Ripple network, as it unites banks and payment companies and allows you to transfer money worldwide in just a few seconds.

He also described the principles xRapid said that the company is able to connect to the XRP Ledger for faster liquidity to the desired destination.

– When you use both products, you get effective solution for payments, which uses the technology of the blockchain, but does not use any token provides a powerful opportunity for liquidity, which requires XRP. We do not publish a precise figure for prevalence, but it is growing very, very quickly – said Tracer.

XRapid Ripple launched for commercial use in October and the company announced that MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union will use this technology to ensure payment.

To improve the payments between the US and the Philippines and the United States and Mexico, xRapid will also be used Bitterx, Bitstamp, Bitso and

As stated Tracer that weekly at least one financial institution decides to begin using one of the payment solutions Ripple. At the moment the Ripple products use about 200 banks.

In conclusion, Tracer said that the company plans to dominance in the field of payment systems. They are already competing with SWIFT and surpass many of its capabilities.

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