Ripple in partnership with the nonprofit organization Raising Malawi launched a campaign to raise funds for orphans and children from disadvantaged families in South East African countries. From 30 July to 31 August, the Ripple will help the people to sponsor the organization directly through Facebook.

We are proud to be a part of a stunning work of Raising Malawi in helping the most needy children in the world, and grateful to our investors for Ventures in Sound that they introduced us with this problem and this Fund – said Vice-President of business operations Eric van Ripple, Miltenburg.

Since 2006, Raising Malawi helps children by providing medical services and support in the field of education, including facilities for training, classes for study and scholarship. Raising Malawi also helped create the first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit in the country. It is known that approximately one million children in Malawi have lost one or both parents to HIV-infection and AIDS, leaving them orphaned.

The nonprofit organization works with local partners to provide children with the opportunity to learn, grow and create their future. Ripple also made a donation to Raising Malawi. The donation amount is not disclosed.

We will add, at the time of writing, the exchange rate of XRP were 0.44 $ per token dynamics for the past day -2,18%.

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