Ripple enhances the cooperation with Cuallix to do transfers from US to Mexico cheaper. Ripple shared the news about this at the conference M2Banking and Fintech in Latin America, as well as through his Twitter.


Cuallix is a financial institution with 25 years of experience processing loan payments. It is the leading financial institution of SWIFT, MasterCard and now even Ripple.

The news of the partnership Ripple and Cuallix first appeared in February, when it was released tool Cuallet. This tool used the products XRapid Ripple and XRP to reduce the cost and increase the speed of cross-border payments.

According to the records of the Ripple, due to the fact that Cuallix uses XRapid, transaction costs of service declined 60%, and the average time of payment was 4 seconds.

Add that Ripple is also considering the possibility of dominance in the Indian market, which still discussing the future of cryptocurrency.

In July, Vice-President of Ripple Ashish Birla spoke at the conference, where he expressed the hope that XRP will surpass Bitcoin in the Indian market. He made suggestions about the issuing of tokens 2 billion XRP to every person in India, so they had an idea of what cryptocurrency is and what are the benefits of the XRP.

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