This month, in partnership with Ripple BPG Group is going to launch the project eMetals. On the new platform Ripple will be used to buy gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium. The first day of trading scheduled for may 1, 2018.

BPG Group is a major player in the metallurgical industry uses the effective methods for reuse of scrap metal from all over Europe. BPG recycles metals and also allows you to trade assets. BPG shares are now traded on the stock exchange Vienne, where users can buy physical metals and digital gold using Ripple.

BPG is now ready to release a new payment system using the structure of the Ripple. After extensive research of the market, BPG decided on the digital processing of the physical metals. In their opinion, the potential of such assets is significant and the Ripple technology can be a decisive factor in the success of the platform. The company offers new way to invest and trade metals using the model of London clearing system. The platform will work similarly to the service of stock trading.

It is expected that once the project starts, the value of the Ripple coins XRP will increase. Currently Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $ 20 billion. Now the XRP exchange rate is $ 0,5.

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