Ripple concludes, more and more partnerships, they do so in two ways. First of all, thanks to its services and technology. And secondly, XRP promises to be a real currency that will help Ripple become truly popular.

Now the company is under scrutiny because some still think it is a cryptocurrency XRP securities, however, people are starting to guess that as soon as this opinion will shatter (if XRP will not be considered shares), the currency will continue to attract partners that will lead to eventual global domination Ripple.

And now with the news about the successful testing using XRP for cross-border transmission through the services of Ripple, between the Ripple and Mercury FX, a theory about a possible next partnership Ripple.

According to reports, the transfer was carried out at a higher rate and has brought savings of up to 70%. Ripple want to be faster and cheaper than their rivals and now, they seem to have become so.

Given all this, it is important to consider how this growth will affect the company. And according to this theory, between the Ripple and Amazon as the companies very much similar.

For example, in 1999, people claimed that Amazon has no potential, it was believed that the service useless. In the 90-ies of the Amazon shares were worth very little, however, through perseverance, the value of Amazon in a short period of time rose more than 1000%, becoming the largest online platform for shopping in the world, led by Jeff Bezosa, which is now considered the richest man in the world.

Therefore, while it is not necessary to dump from accounts Ripple. They may be in not very good condition, but it can ismentsa. Due to user-friendliness and client-oriented approach, Ripple has the advantage when companies think about integrating their products.

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