In the last couple of days of the course, the Ripple almost stabilized. However, the currency remains in the red zone: growth is constrained by strong resistance. Analysts are again talking about the right time to buy and short-term investments.

Last year, the growth rate of the Ripple could be called legendary: the cryptocurrency has risen by 36 000%. Then Ripple took the place of Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency, and managed for a short time to cross the bar of the capitalization of $ 100 billion, becoming the first alithina to achieve this indicator. Since then, however, the Ripple price has collapsed. The currency was in a slow downward trend in the past few weeks has reached extreme lows.

Over the past week, the market capitalization grew by $ 100 million from $ 19 billion 2 April to $ 19.1 billion on April 8. On Monday, the volume of the market capitalization of the currency rushed to around 20 billion, but has not yet reached him: at the time of writing this record again fluctuates at a mark of 19 billion, and the rate of Ripple XRP is 0.48 US dollar.

Ripple price 8 april 2018

Considering the weekly performance update, analysts say the strong resistance of cryptocurrency. Starting with 0,487 the U.S. dollar, the rate reached a week high of $ 0.56, but to benefit from this momentum did not. As can be seen from the graph for April 8, the growth of the Ripple constantly delayed line of resistance at $ 0.6. Some market analysts expect that the currency may drop to values of 0.21-0.25 USD, considering the moment a good buying opportunity and short-term investments (because the price will rise from 0.25 to 0.60 USD).

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