The price of Ripple has recovered from recent decline, which began after the peak on 10 February. According to CoinMarketCap, today, the value of cryptocurrencies ranges from 1.11 to 1.17 $. Positive dynamics of the course due to the news background: first, it became known about the new partnership Ripple, and secondly, the Central banks of various countries have denied the rumors about the prohibition of kriptologii.

Perhaps the biggest push for the price of XRP has given the news about the partnership with the giant Western Union. Cancer Agrawal, chief financial officer of the company, said that Western Union has evaluated the usefulness of Blockchain technology Ripple after testing.

Another positive impulse caused by the European Central Bank, which rejected concerns about the ban on trade after several days of uncertainty. President Mario Draghi, answering some questions on Twitter, said that the regulation of the stock market is not included in the tasks of institutions.

Another important news was the signing of an agreement with the foreign Exchange control Saudi Arabia (SAMA). The agreement will allow banks in Saudi Arabia use xCurrent for cross-border payments, subject to additional training and support programs.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, February 6, cryptocurrency has restored more than 80% of its value and became the most productive since the beginning of 2018. The same brad Garlinghouse, the company’s CEO is confident in the continuous growth in the near future, despite the strong volatility that still characterizes the trend of the currency.

This means that future predictions for Ripple pretty good. Analysts believe that now is the right time to think about a long term investment.

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