After nearly six years Ripple Rippled releasing version 1.0.0. The release coincides with the launch of Tron, own blockchain, Ripple, which was held on may 31.

Software update Ripple to version 1.0.0 contains many improvements to the chips that were added in previous software. Version 1.0.0 will improve the stability of the network, to expand decentralization and to ensure the efficient operation of the network nodes around the world. However, Rippled was developed under the semantic version updates (Major, minor, patch), which helps in planning future updates and releases.

The operators of the servers need to update the software until June 14 to provide a permanent connection.

But what is the importance of updating? The company claims that the consequences would be if the servers will not be updated until the date specified above.

– If you run a Rippled server, but not update to version 1.0.0 until Thursday, when we expect to resolve fix1543, fix1571 and fix1623 will be activated, your server will be blocked. Also the server that is blocked for lack of updates will not be able to determine the efficiency of the Ledger, send, or process the transaction, to participate in a consensual process to vote for future updates. As well as providing the data may be potentially invalid stated in Ripple

If the update was installed according to the instructions, the server will not be blocked. You can find instructions in the official website of the Ripple blog. In addition, the technical team at Ripple sent V1.0.0 all servers under their control, and controlled privately clusters. More information about the issue was posted on various platforms where users were asked to explore possibilities, ask questions, discuss and learn new software.

Ripple therefore requests community assistance in search of potential errors. Also was updated the Bug Bounty program.

Ripple expects a lot from this update. Rippled is also moving to versions 1.x that more will reveal the potential of XRP Ledger.

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