The company Ripple has released the sixth episode of their monthly Internet show The Ripple Drop. As always, the company also provided a brief overview of the recent episode, which covers the latest news related to the company.

The episode consists of three main parts, where the representatives of the company talk about specific affecting their sphere, topics . In the latest episode of the first part is devoted to the key three products Ripple. Vice President, products Mr. Ashish Birla will talk about how these products work together. In addition, he also explained again how you will operate the cash flows from the US to Mexico using XRP.

In the next part, product Director Craig DeWitt will discuss the multi-hop RippleNet. He explains why this feature is important and will benefit the whole network-for example, Siam Commercial Bank, which will be the first financial institution, using multi-hop.

Chief marketing strategist, Corey Johnson will perform in the final part of the episode. He will Express his opinion on the key trends for the last quarter in the ecosystem XRP. Moreover, he will also speak about the digital assets in Malta and give a hint of the wide use of digital assets on wall street.

In addition, the announcement of the episode, the company also confirmed that in the near future she will share advanced versions of each of the episodes. At the moment the company has shared a link to the full episode in the official announcement.

Recall that Ripple The Ripple produces a Drop every month. The online show covers the latest news about customers, technologies, products and culture of the Ripple. The previous five episodes of the series, The Ripple Drop available on YouTube channel of the company.

Add, at the time of this writing, the XRP exchange rate amounted to $0.44 per token dynamics for the past day amounted to 0,77%.

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