The company Ripple announced the release of a new episode of Drop Ripple on his official Twitter page, putting a link to the original video in which the company’s representatives told about the latest events and important moments for your company and its products.

– The fifth episode is here! We learn more about the conference Swell from a Ripple, which will be next week, learn more about new corridors RippleNet will tell about the list of the best startups LinkedIn, – stated in the original tweet to the company.

The description on the website of the company was more detailed. It said that the episode consists of three main parts. In the first part of the recent episode, the senior Vice President of marketing, Monica long talk about Swell 2018 and talk about its value to the industry, customers and the company. Long also explains key aspects of the event that make it so unique in the industry.

In the second part of the episode Max NEPAD, senior Director of Ripple on work with clients, talks about the latest corridors and RippleNet about the look of their payment flows. In this part of NEPAD seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the questions, providing more detailed information about the product.

In the last part of the Vice-President of People Sandi Kochhar talks about the location of the Ripple in the list of the best startups 2018 version of LinkedIn and what makes a company a great place to work.

This is the fifth episode Drop Ripple, which Ripple produces approximately once a month, informing about the latest updates and upcoming events of the company.

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