Rumors of a collaboration Ripple and Amazon began to spread after Amazon has registered three new domain. Conversations around cryptocurrency are not subsiding and about cooperation with the Japanese Bank Consortium. Despite the depreciation, analysts Ripple present more attractive financial instrument. According to them, investment in Ripple in the long term can have more income than expected.

The rumors about the possible development of Amazon’s own system of exchange of digital currencies arose when the company registered three new domain:, and If the XRP will be part of the scheme of work Amazon, the results can be stunning.

Why the Internet giant needs to use XRP? For Amazon, the partnership will have several beneficial consequences, including very low rates and high transaction rate, and availability of coins. If Bitcoin limit is 21 million, XRP’s value is 100 billion.

It is not surprising that now Ripple has partnered with 61 Japanese Bank. Among them Resona Bank, which announced the aim to improve the quality of customer service and at the same time reduce costs for the company. This became possible by the XRP.

We will add, at the time of writing, the price of Ripple XRP fluctuates at a value of $ 0.78, the rate shows a decrease of about 2% per day. The analysts believe that the momentum will soon have to once again become positive and suggest to keep the coins.

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