Despite the long period of falling value, Ripple XRP is attracting more customers and investors. One of the best Polish kryptomere BitBay announced support for Ripple XRP on its platform. Also recently, the exchange has added support for a pair XRP / BTC. Representatives of the company declare that the purpose of BitBay is to facilitate users to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Experts say that BitBay has long been on the market three times and was going through the updates, after which the user interface and the number of employees changing. The company drew attention to the Ripple because it is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, demonstrated a 7000% increase in 2017, and in the first week of 2018, the Ripple rate reached a record value 3.41 USD.

At the present time, including after the loud statements of Google, currency trading below 1 dollar. Experts hope that in 2018 due to the rapid and economical international transactions Ripple XRP can surpass in value all other cryptocurrencies. Already more than 100 banks and financial institutions took Ripple as a quick and easy way of processing cross-border transactions. Among the most important partners of cryptoprocta – American Express and MoneyGram.

Will add today, March 20, at the time of writing the rate of Ripple XRP value fluctuates from $ 0,69.

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