The London platform smart banking Platio recently confirmed the news about the partnership with Ripple. The company has confirmed it on his official Twitter page in response to the post of followers.

– We have an agreement with Ripple. We will use the product xVia from Ripple to transfer payments, – stated in the original tweet.

In a recently published technical document, the authors repeatedly mention the name of Ripple, and therefore this announcement may be relevant to this document.

– Ecosystem Platio will be based on mobile and web-based interface, where users will have all the necessary data and tools at hand to instantly complete transactions with crypto and fiat currencies or shares. Platio platform will be built on the technology of EOS, able to ensure smooth interaction of multilayered ecosystem Platio, – stated in the previously published document.

Platio going to offer services for the payment and transfer funds through the payment network SWIFT, SEPA and Ripple.

– Platio in the ecosystem all supported cryptocurrency and Fiat assets can function as a means of payment using SWIFT / SEPA / Ripple, including third-party payment companies and international payments. Payments made by converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency, which will be operated via the integrated automatic exchange, which are declared later in the document.

Consequently, as a result recently confirmed the partnership, the company will use the interface xVia Ripple to ensure cross-border payments in different networks.

– Platio seeks to use the best opportunities of cryptocurrency and financial systems. Our Smart Banking Ecosystem aimed at increasing confidence in the cryptocurrency as an asset and encouraging its global implementation, – said CEO of Platio Dmitry Okhrimchuk.

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