Former CTO of Ripple’s Stefan Thomas returned to the project Codius is a platform for smart contracts. The new version of the platform based on Ripple, is now available for download on GitHub. Of intent to use the product is already stated by several companies. The release of the project includes a training manual download and deployment of smart contracts, Codius. It should help developers to join the platform. Note, a few years ago the project was abandoned due to a lack of big market and the lack of a standard for payments, but these issues have been resolved thanks to Interledger.

Interledger is an open set of protocols for sending payments through different registers. It is important that Interledger not tied to any one particular company, currency or blockchain.

Start smart contracts did require a cost, and the Ripple team at the time of the first attempts to launch, in 2015, was not a neutral method of payment of Codius hosts. This problem was solved thanks to Interledger, which will allow users to send and receive any digital assets, fiat currency, etc.

Experts believe that Codius, however, is hardly the only serious competitor to Ethereum, which appeared over the last few years. However, Thomas notes that Codius, unlike other similar projects, allows developers to consider your own priorities (for example, to adjust the level of decentralization), and not to accept the detected network conditions.

From Codius has advantages over Ethereum and other platforms, smart contracts and security. Its network is based on HyperContainer, project open source, that uses Docker containers to isolate the code of the contract and minimize its vulnerability to attacks. In addition, the developers did not focus on Codius just emerging, and therefore lesser-known languages and gives you the opportunity to work on C ++, Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.

Speaking about the cost of the transaction, Thomas compares the costs of Ethereum (can walk to the dollar) with the costs of the Lambda platform Amazon Web Services (make up about 20 cents) per million queries. Strap Codius will have to be between these extremes.

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