The company Ripple will soon get improving the functions of XRP Ledger by product XRP Toolkit from third party developers. Toolkit is now available in beta version 0.3.0 and is aimed at improving the availability and versatility of the Ledger.

The launch of the Toolkit was revealed through the official Twitter account of a product where the developers have released a tweet with a demonstrative GIF file, where the domain registration.

The goal of the XRP Ledger is to use a consensus process that allows to facilitate payments, exchanges and remittances.

The XRP Ledger determines which transactions need to accept or reject in accordance with their legitimacy. However, with the release of Toolkit Toolkit XRP, Ledger appears even more potential.

Tools XRP Toolkit is an interface to the XRP Ledger that allows users to seamlessly access data and search for the information they need.

The Toolkit also improves the user interface, and also helps in transaction with XRP in particular confirmation, preparing and sending transactions.

– XRP Toolkit , improving the XRP Ledger, can make XRP more universal and, perhaps, increase awareness of it and its adoption around the world. It could also encourage experimentation and a deeper understanding of the XRP Ledger, – said the publication Invest In Blockchain.

– XRP Ledger has more potential than just sending and receiving XRP, it also includes a decentralized exchange and escrow account that you can access on their own. XRP Toolkit project was launched to open up even more opportunities XRP Ledger – said one of the developers XRP Toolkit under the name RareData.

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