Price forecasts for cryptocurrency very popular in the young industry of digital assets. Analysts make assumptions on 3 months, 6 months or even more far-reaching – and until 2022. Many investors Ripple hoped that by June this year, the price per coin XRP will be from 3 to 4 US dollars. But now cryptowall do not follow the path which expect capturadora. It is believed that in conditions of current market performance it is better to abandon forecasts for the price of Ripple XRP.

The first reason why the expected rate of 3-4 dollar is rumors about the listing of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, which appeared in early January, when XRP peaked to 3.79 dollars. However, the exchange has not added Ripple. However, the talk about supporting Coinbase is still going on popular platforms such as Reddit.

Another reason for the forecasts of the rise of the price of Ripple to the $ 10 came with the news that SBI Holdings launches its own cryptocurrency exchange. This event occurred just a few days ago and the platform now works for registered users who have applied in October. Experts believe that the impact of this event on the price of XRP is yet to be felt, and continues until the market decline observed in January.

Why experts suggest not to focus now on predictions? It is believed that the price forecasts are good, if the stock market are in an uptrend. But for fear regulation in the United States, South Korea, Russia, India and the rest of the globe, many large investors are waiting for resolution of the regulatory stalemate to enter the stock market. Now any forecasts can disappoint any captainvalor that is waiting for UPS because of the constant bombardment of social networks promises to double or triple your investments in a short period of time.

It is tempting to say that everyone is entitled to an opinion and forecasts. But these views are associated with finances and such price forecasts are based on assumptions of the future which we cannot predict. So, no one could have predicted the break-Coinrail, which led to such devastation. Similarly, no one foresaw the recent hacking Bithumb.

There is also a view that such predictions are one of the reasons why the company Ripple to respond to the complaint from a group of traders whose expectations were interrupted by the recession criptine in January. If cryptonote replete with forecasts of prices for 10 or even 20 US dollars, probably, traders able to conduct proper and extensive research before investing.

We will add, at the time of writing, the Ripple is in the green zone, capacity for the day amounted to 1.5%. Price per coin XRP is now at $ 0,53.

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