Last night in San Francisco was a long-awaited for investors, Ripple live, which on one site was to be the first person CoinBase and Ripple. Interest in the program was strongly warmed the global media, because this site could be an important joint statement on adding Ripple on CoinBase that would instantly affect the value of the coin. However, the dream of thousands of investors on 6 March did not come true: everything is not going according to plan.

First, the day before the start of the program, officials CoinBase published the statement in which has informed that in the near future, no new assets on the exchange will not be added, thereby stopped the speculative growth of XRP, which by the time the news has had time to grow by 12%.

Further — more, the transfer was not made in a Studio in new York, as usual, and organized an outdoor show in San Francisco. Guests appeared in the Studio not once, but came out at a time, which is also not typical of this show. First appeared Asif, Hirji Director Coinbase said, saying that the Ripple in the near future will not be added, but they have another big news — CoinBase launches its index Fund for accredited investors.

Then, on the half-hour came an urgent message from one of the advisers adviser to Donald trump on economic development is retiring. Leading with the guests the rest of the time discussing only the news. The show ended, brad Garlinghouse did not wait for its release in the Studio. The Ripple rate continued to decline slowly.

CNBC editors realized how greatly deceived the expectations of the audience, and two hours after the broadcast has published a post on his Twitter that brad was a recorded interview which will be shown on channel 7 Mar.

Twitter Ripple

Expect brad will report it, something important, probably not worth it. It is likely that there will be about reaching agreements on connecting new banks to the Ripple system, but Asif, Hirji the most important thing said in the Studio: Ripple on Coinbase soon will be.

The same news about Ripple, just via Telegram.

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