Recently launched Bitrue, Singapore cryptocurrency exchange with offices in the US and Pacific region, announced that its base currency XRP. In addition, the exchange has announced its partnership with Wanchain concluded with the aim to create an environment in which promising projects ICO could inkubirovanija and develop.

According to the company, XRP chosen as an underlying asset because of its liquidity and status of third cryptocurrencies in the world rankings. Because XRP is the base currency, the owners of these assets will be able to purchase other charitability at lower prices. To celebrate the inclusion of the XRP, Bitrue will offer a special bonus for traders XRP next week.

Almost immediately after starting Bitrue announced the partnership with Wanchain –independent blockchain system, which aims to create a network with cross chains, where assets can be easily moved from one chain to another. With smart contracts and the unique privacy protocols, users can easily create, develop and sell decentralized applications (dApps), expanding the ecosystem.

Regarding security, in addition to multiple testing hackers, Bitrue introduced four different levels of certification that range from multi-level trading platform to monitor transactions in real-time. In addition, the exchange will use the McAfee protection and have been certified by NSFOCUS.

– Bitrue made transaction security the main element of its products – said in his statement the Director-General Curtis Wang. More than 90% of the custom assets in the system are stored in cold wallets. Exchange has even created an internal risk management model with four levels of certification, multi-layered trade infrastructure, independent sales domain and the ability to monitor in real-time.

Additionally, the price per coin XRP at the time of writing remains at $ 0.45, and despite a decrease of 2.6% over the past day. Note, in the red zone is now the entire stock market, the strongest percentage decline shows Cardano (-5,8% per day), the Bitcoin price declined 3.5%.

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