Not so long ago eFin in its official Twitter account announced the addition of XRP on their platform. The exchange will begin full operation next month, and inclusion in this list may play an important role for XRP.

Very few crypto projects based on blockchain are as extensive as TokenPay. The project even has its own cryptocurrency called TokenPay, which is total market capitalization, which is only about 15 million, 173 takes place.

But why the inclusion of the XRP that is special?

TokenPay bills itself as a “decentralized self-tuning shopping payment platform” based solely on math and is designed to ensure secure transactions between multiple parties. Thus, it should be noted that the project collaborates with a number of banks and cryptocurrency projects.

And now TokenPay decided to start a new project. 19 Dec will be launched eFin, new exchange service cryptocurrency, corresponding to all possible standards. And, we have already noted, it will support XRP right from the start.

The new service is consistent with the mission TokenPay to meet the needs of merchants and consumers, and therefore will be an integral part of the ecosystem of the company.

eFin will be safe, private and, most interestingly, a decentralized exchange. Decentralization is particularly important because, thus, the service will be the first decentralized exchange service cryptocurrency in history.

This will allow users in real-time to make exchanges crypto and fiat currency in all parts of the ecosystem TokenPay. It includes TokenSuisse and German AG AG.

So why is it so important to the emergence of the decentralized exchange? Security. Of course, the existing centralized exchanges. This means that many of them are faced with serious problems with hackers. In this respect they are no different from any ordinary web site in the world. Decentralized exchange service, which runs on a blockchain, can’t be hacked.

Bitcoin, XRP, Tron, Litecoin, Ethereum has never been hacked. An additional advantage in terms of safety is that you will not be able to keep your tokens for this service. They will always be in our wallet.

And this very advanced and innovative service exchange is going from the outset to enable the XRP, along with Litecoin and Verge. And it makes sense, because XRP is now the second largest currency by market capitalization, and in the last couple of years it has surpassed even relative to Bitcoin profitability.

Many observers cryptocurrency market now believe that XRP will become the next big cryptocurrency, with a real chance to surpass Bitcoin in all respects in the near future.

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