In recent weeks, Ripple works tirelessly to bring together the best services in the world of cryptography. According to the latest news Reddit, operations with the account – withdrawals and transfers XRP – soon it will be possible to carry out using simple text messages. The development is in the final stages and almost ready for testing. This is stated in the Twitter Wietse Wind iPublications CEO and founder of app Nodum, which is working on this project.

Users will be able to trade XRP by sending a simple SMS from their own phone (any model, even the most simple). This is somewhat similar to the draft XRP Tip Bot – the only difference is that the increased limits, and text messages are the only means of communication with the platform.

Wietse Wind –enthusiast Ripple, but is not officially work for the team.

In his Twitter account Wietse now answers user’s questions. Here is the answer to the question about the safety of the new development: “When you take / send the XRP, the app will respond with a message along with a code that you will need to re-post, to prevent spoofing of numbers. However, if you lose your phone and you will be the lock PIN / screen, Yes, it’s bad. So if you don’t lock your phone, better do not use it for such transfers”.

Note, Ripple [XRP], currently trading at around $ 0,59. The market capitalization remains at $ 22.9 billion, keeping the Ripple at the third position in the market.

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