There is a high probability that NetCents can add XRP to your list of supported tokens with the release of new cards NetCents for cryptocurrency. In a tweet from August 24, 2018 NetCents announced the launch of a branded credit card for crypto-currencies for the canadian and European markets. The card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

In a tweet shortly answered XRP independent Research Center, consider asking whether the Netcents ability to add XRP to the list of supported tokens.

We will be happy to discuss this with the Ripple team, if they agree, – said the Netcents team.

Unlike other cryptocurrency prepaid cards on the market, cardholders NetCents don’t have to pre-pay cryptocurrency on your card, eliminating the risk that the value of cryptocurrency will fluctuate during the waiting user. The card will be tied directly to the wallets of users NetCents, allowing cardholders to withdraw cryptocurrency from your wallet.

Users can select up to three cryptocurrencies, which they would like to add to your map. The card also could be made into a mobile app NetCents. It will be fitted with a chip, magnetic stripe and NFC functions.

The company will implement its technology Instant Settlement for the conversion of funds from cryptocurrency to Fiat currency for purchases in real time.

Add, at the time of this writing, the XRP exchange rate is $ 0.32 per token per day dynamics amounted to +1,21%.

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