A new platform that allows content creators to monetize their content and earn XRP using Internet resources like YouTube and Twitch, announced the surge in enrollment for the beta test.

The company Coli, which launched the beta test of the Protocol Interledger last month, said that some companies themselves are registered for testing. At the moment the application is filed more than 500 websites and YouTube channels.

Startup Coli from San Francisco provides the opportunity for the Internet user a new way to send micropayments to content makers on the websites they visit. Sites register to be able to accept XRP and other assets Protocol Interledger, while Internet users subscribe to a monthly fee Coil to send donations online.

Since the user is interacting on different platforms across the network, Coil automatically send micropayments to content creators on sites directly rewarding them for their efforts, creations and content.

Former CTO of Ripple’s Stefan Thomas said the project is just beginning.

One of the unique features of web monetization is the fact that the site is paid in real-time. This allows developers, in addition to free content, provide exclusive content, as well as new applications. And despite the fact that the Coil today is mainly used for donations, very soon we want to show how the monetization of web sites can improve your experience from visiting the sites, said Thomas.

Thomas also clarified information regarding what Coli dropped support for donations for Wikipedia and Archive.org. He said that in the press release of the Coil do not have information about specific partnership or cooperation with these organizations.

– Thanks to the emergence of many monetize the site, we decided to suspend the possibility of using Protocol Interledger to make a donation to Wikipedia and Archive.org since our integration was designed to give our first users to try out web Analytics on multiple websites. Unfortunately, many people embraced our decision to add support for Wikipedia as a statement about the official partnership, so we want to make very clear that we have never had such intention, and we apologize for any misunderstanding, said Thomas.

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