Japanese platform transfer money MoneyTap, which seeks to connect multiple banks to the Ripple solutions, has launched its official web site. Despite the fact that information is still not enough, it may excite the community and Ripple XRP, which is interested in the fact that more and more financial institutions have used the products and blockchain solutions company. Especially given the fact that three of the products Ripple specifically designed for financial institutions, and their goal is to increase the efficiency and speed compared to the outdated 40-year-old funds transfer system SWIFT. App to transfer money, which will be available in iOS and Android, will be the first that will be supported by multiple banks and is likely to be available at the end of this year.

Approximately 60 banks will join a global network. Platform openly supports Ripple and XRP and plans to change the traditional way of transferring money and paying Japan. Combining over 60 national banks using the Ripple network, and may include XRP in the process, more than 80 percent of all banks in Japan will use the RTXP Protocol for daily work, as confirmed by the Director of partnerships in Ripple, Amy’s Yoshikawa. SBI strives to develop and promote technologies Ripple beyond the South-East Asia and is already working with SIAM Bank Thailand, so you can easily send money through RTXP at any time of the day.

Interestingly, the website launch coincided with other positive news, like the resolution of differences between Ripple and R3 and the report of the Royal Bank of Canada, which recognizes the financial benefit the financial institutions that use products of Ripple and XRP, a token.

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