Ripple is working to create a United network payment providers, payment processors and banks. The most recent company that is fully integrated into the network RippleNet is a British company for electronic payments Moneynetint.

After the integration service on the electronic payments immediately received processing instructions from two of its network partners and has actually become part of a larger network consisting of more than 100 banks and financial institutions using Ripple.

Such relationships allow institutions that are connected to RippleNet, to benefit from the services Moneynetint without using the API. In addition, the electronic payment services will also benefit from the mutual communication through the use of common infrastructure.

– Using the technology of the blockchain from Ripple, Moneynetint will now be able to simplify payments and reduce conversion rates of currencies for its clients, increase the speed of calculations and to offer services to new markets that otherwise would be too complicated to work or too costly in the past, said in Moneynetint.

It is important to clearly distinguish what Moneynetint plans to use RippleNet, which is just biocanol that does not use XRP as a tool of liquidity. So Moneynetint joins the majority, which refuses to use XRP.

Also, despite the recent launch of xRapid, the level of adoption is not as big as xCurrent, but he was better than xVia. Currently, three companies use the decision xRapid, which allows you to accelerate cross-border transfer between the US, Mexico and Europe.

At the same time, American Express and SBI Holdings tested xRapid. If testing will be successful, and, moreover, if there is a merge of all solutions to the Ripple, it is likely that Ripple will use XRP as a tool of liquidity, which will lead to increased demand for the token.

This will benefit XRP-investors, which, in turn, will attract more funds to Xpring, supporting novice content creators, which in turn will affect the use of XRP in even more startups.

At the time of this writing, the XRP exchange rate has to 0.46 dollars per token, having positive dynamics of 2.38% in the past day.

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