Slowly but surely, innovative solutions Ripple spread throughout the world. A few weeks after launch xRapid, MoneyMatch — a financial technology company with headquarters in Malaysia, has completed its first cross-border transaction with RippleNet four months after the announcement of his decision to make decisions Ripple.

This transaction is important on two levels: first, because the payment was made using xVia, and, secondly, it is another aspect of Ripple, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to help suppliers payments to banks and corporations in any part of the world.

We are very proud today to make this statement, when we clearly prove that our financial-technology startup, is fully developed in Malaysia young Malay, able to integrate into the blockchain, Ripple, and thus to establish a direct and legitimate international money transfers from Malaysia to Europe, – said General Director MoneyMatch Adrian YAP.

According to Ripple, xVia specially designed for corporate banks and payment providers who want to send payments through different networks using standard interface. The main advantage of xVia is that for access to their API service is not required to install the software. In addition, it allows you to make payments more transparent with the ability to track additional information about the payment.

MoneyMatch stated that they worked with the technology of Ripple during several months as they worked on full integration into the blockchain Ripple through xVia. In addition to integration in RippleNet, MoneyMatch noted the effectiveness and efficiency of information channels xVia.

The company also stated that the user was able to send Malaysian ringgit to Europe for a few seconds, saving a substantial amount of money. Despite the fact that it was the first treatment of payments made from Asia to Europe via xVia, the company is currently preparing to ensure the best speeds and prices for the movement of money from Europe as they attempt to establish partnerships with other providers of payments in the Asian region. Among them, Japanese SBI and Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank.

These two banks are already in RippleNet and advocate for the adoption of decisions Ripple for cross-border payments.

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