In a new interview with Blockinpress TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington said about why his cryptocurrency hedge Fund Capital XRP Arrington decided to make a denomination in XRP.

We wanted to be the first hedge Fund, which actually itself is not denominated in dollars or any other fiat-currency, but in real bitcoin. We know that XRP is the best for this because it is a bit more centralized than, say, bitcoin. He has enemies. Many people in the US don’t like it. But if you need to transfer money very cheap and very fast, there is nothing better than XRP, said Arrington.

Arrington also stated that the first trade of his company connected with the transfer of 50 million dollars. XRP coped with the transfer of such huge amount better than the traditional money transfer methods.

Our first transaction involved the transfer of more than $ 50 million, and we have translated them for 3 seconds. Moreover, the translation of these USD 50 million has cost us only 20 or 30 cents. Bitcoin and Ethereum was not even close with this result – said Arrington.

According BitInfoCharts, the average payment for transfer using bitcoin rose to a high of 54,90 dollar in December. Since then, this figure declined to $ 0.55.

Despite the transition of a hedge Fund in XRP, the company will continue to conduct transactions with other cryptocurrencies.

Arrington also said that currently the Fund keeps bitcoin more than any other currency.

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