– Enjoy it or hate it, it is simply impossible not to recognize the influence of Ripple and XRP in the global payments industry. XRP is quick and economical, – said the founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington, commenting on the news that recently made a transaction in XRP in the amount of $ 50 million was only for two seconds, and its cost was only 30 cents.

This is not the first case when Arrington, the founder of the company for the management of digital assets Arrington XRP Capital, openly expressed his admiration for XRP. In August 2018, he said the South Korean edition of Blockinpress that XRP is very well suited for the hedge Fund as the base currency, because transactions with it are cheaper and more efficient.

He repeated his opinion about the rich potential of XRP in a recent interview after the summit “Beyond the Blocks” in 2018 in South Korea.

Arrington cited the recent example of the use of XRP in their own hedge firm, where Capital was transferred Arrington XRP XRP tokens cost $ 50 million just two seconds. However, he added that it would be impossible with any other popular currencies in circulation today, whether fiat currency or bitcoin.

– There is simply no other way to do it as fast and cheap. Thus, it will be really helpful for us. In addition, if we want to return the money… if we want to… we can just send the translation back as in XRP. And we won’t have to wait three days for international transfers, or one day if the transfer to the States. We also will not pay a large Commission, said Arrington.

Also Arrington added that a large amount of criticism aimed at address Ripple and XRP is unfair.

– Tribalism in this industry is unacceptable, as in this case, there are fans of Bitcoins and other currencies, but all “agree” with the fact that XRP sucks, what I really don’t understand … I mean that Ripple Labs Inc are legitimate. They do not claim that they are not and they are really good at one thing: they allow us to quickly and cheaply transfer money, said Arrington.

The founder of TechCrunch also explained that his support XRP is not motivated by any personal or business agenda.

– We invest in XRP, but most of our investment is other — added Arrington.

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