The latest quarterly report Ripple was presented very interesting data. It is stated that Malta has surpassed South Korea and became the leading country for trading Ripple.

This was confirmed by Cory Johnson, chief strategist Ripple, who said on 31 July that according to the latest report, it is now Malta, not South Korea, and now is a leading trader XRP.

Despite the fact that South Korea has dominated the market of digital assets in the first quarter (70% of the world total in the next few days), at the end of the second quarter trade dropped to fourth position in world in world stock.

Malta continues to grow as one of the most friendly cryptocurrency countries.

The fact that Malta is a leading trader XRP should not be surprising, as the country officially recognized cryptocurrencies. Almost a month ago, the Maltese government adopted three laws, which allow companies to trade cryptocurrency, and also to release a new.

– Malta is the first country in the world which is formally coherent legislative framework regulating the technology of blockchain and digital assets. We will be the new market leader in this new sector, said in his Twitter account Prime Minister and the leader of the labour party Joseph Muscat on the day of adoption of the laws on 4 July.

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